Planet of Sound: Danger Doom, “A.T.H.F.”

What up, blogger, you rappin’ about cartoons? // Uh huh, check it, “A.T.H.F” by Danger Doom.

Planet of Sound, what.


Planet of Sound: Devo, “Space Junk”

A Devo classic, in honor of our very own satellite-fall. “Space Junk” by Devo gets a post at Planet of Sound.

Planet of Sound: Nellie McKay, “Clonie”

“Clonie” by Nellie McKay gets a post at Planet of Sound.

Nellie McKay can swing the satire bat pretty hard, but more often than not she gets a solid hit out of it.

(Not a Billboard Chart hit though, sadly.)

Planet of Sound: The Apples in Stereo, “Floating in Space”

Planet of Sound offers a pretty little ditty called “Floating in Space” by The Apples (in Stereo).

Worth checking out. But then, my picks usually are.

; )

Planet of Sound: The Pogues, “Turkish Song of the Damned”

Planet of Sound post on “Turkish Song of the Damned” by the Pogues.

Man, the Pogues were great. So was the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, incidentally. Or not incidentally…

Planet of Sound: Tokyo Police Club, “Citizens of Tomorrow”

“Citizens of Tomorrow” by Tokyo Police Club! Over at Planet of Sound, they’re singing about robopocalypse. Or, well, they’re singing about it wherever (on CD? In the studio? On stage?), but I’m talking about it over at

Planet of Sound: James Taylor, “The Frozen Man”

I write a surprising amount about James Taylor and “The Frozen Man” for Planet of Sound!