Planet of Sound: Tom Waits, “Black Wings”

Planet of Sound on “Black Wings,” by Tom Waits, off the album Bone Machine.

Everyone loves Tom Waits! Except for the folks who hate him, of course. But this song is some wonderfully sinister spaghetti-western/small-town horror mashup.


Planet of Sound: Devin Davis, “Giant Spiders”

Planet of Sound post on “Giant Spiders” by Devin Davis, a song of love in the time of nuclear apocalypse.

Devin Davis is the best at catchy indie power-pop, and I want to listen his second album very, very much.

Planet of Sound: Mastodon, “The Last Baron”

Playing catch up with some links!

Planet of Sound looks at “The Last Baron” by Mastodon, with brief digressions into my relationship with metal, and metal’s relationship with fantasy and horror.

Via The Awl: Random Axe, “The Hex” And 13 Other Songs About Voodoo, Juju, Mojo And Witchcraft by Dave Bry

The video for this song from Duck Down Records‘ indie-rap supergroup Random Axe is good looking but sort of confusing. It takes place in a hotel, where, in one room, rapper Guilty Simpson keeps a man tied to a bed while he builds a Rube Goldberg machine with which to kill him (kind of like if OK Go were James Bond villains.) Next door, Sean Price makes anthrax powder to send to record label offices and, for some reason, decides to taste some (!) as he’s concocting it. And in another room, Black Milk, who produced the track, plays poker. The coolest thing about all of it to me is the title, “The Hex,” which places Random Axe in excellent musical company.

Planet of Sound: Warren Zevon, “Werewolves of London”

I love Warren Zevon quite massively. Here’s a relatively brief Planet of Sound look at “Werewolves of London,” his biggest hit… with the hope that some folks will check out plenty of other songs from him. He reminds me slightly of Kurt Vonnegut: pessimistic but funny, slightly off-kilter, oddly straightforward, and brilliant.

Planet of Sound: Pixies, “The Happening”

First official Planet of Sound post is up at!

Click for my take on “The Happening,” Pixies, UFOs and how to deal with them, and a little bit about the intersection of speculative fiction and music in general…